Sunday, April 20, 2014

Give Captain Jack Harkness his own TV show

This popped up on my Facebook feed today....


In an interview with Nerd B**tards, the 'Doctor Who' fan-favourite admitted that he'd love to return to the show… even if he has no idea whether or not he'll be back.
"I have no idea," he said. "I mean, that's not my decision, that's a decision for the BBC."
"The thing is, I go around with Eve [Myles] and people to these conventions and we see the humongous following that we have and also the hunger that there is for 'Torchwood'. If I'm asked to play Captain Jack Harkness again, I would do it at the drop of a hat."


It appears John Barrowman has truly heard the roar coming from his legions of fans and has publicly stated that he is interested in returning to television as Jack Harkness.

It's no secret that there is WAY more to tell when it comes to the life of Captain Jack. For example, how does he become the face of Boe? However, is it really necessary for all those adventures to be part of Doctor Who? I don't think so.

I'd like to take it one step further and say that the life story of Captain Jack Harkness deserves its own show. Flat out, John Barrowman should return to the Whoniverse starring in his own TV show. Yes, he was the focus of Torchwood, and Torchwood was awesome. However, Torchwood also ended in 2011. A lot has happened in the Whoniverse since then. The adventure opportunities for Jack have grown exponentially. I think a new show, written and directed by the right people, and in the hands of the BBC, could be bigger and better than Torchwood ever was.

The captivating, adventurous, and rather dashing character of Captain Jack, needs to come back. The fact that he would align himself with The Doctor is evidence that Captain Jack is a good guy. Beyond that, let's face it, Captain Jack is Han Solo. He's a badass, with an excellent sense of style, would die for his friends, and shows up to help save the day. Now imagine Han Solo had his own show. He can, because he's Jack Harkness.

Call it "Jack Harkness". Let the name imply that the story being told is important. This is how Doctor Who is done, this is how Jack Harkness should be done.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

I think that the 12th Doctor should be a woman.

Greetings Whovians! Please forgive the lateness of my post. Things have been a bit wonderfully crazy in my professional life and I had a rather interesting post planned out, so I wanted to wait and make sure I was giving it my full attention. Here it is.

I think that the 12th Doctor should be a woman.

I would love to see the 11th Doctor change genders in the regeneration process and then be played by a female actress. Here's why.

First reason, yes, it can happen. There are absolutely stories of time lords switching gender back and forth from regeneration to regeneration. Case in point, The Corsair, a time lord whom The Doctor had known as both sexes. The 4th Doctor mentions The Corsair as being both male and female, as does The 11th Doctor.

Second of all, think of the way The Doctor is cast. The role is so incredibly unique and wonderful that incredible actors become The Doctor. Actors that haven't broken through yet, but they're amazing. Actors who have had some moderate success, but they're better than that. They SHOULD be mainstream hits. Imagine the impact that playing the 10th Doctor had on David Tennant's career. 
He was waiting, on the cusp, such a dedicated actor that conveyed such striking conviction in his roles. The world now knows him, because of Doctor Who. 

That being said, they would find an incredible actress to play The Doctor. We, as Whovians, would get to watch another incredible career unfold. 

Third, the show needs more male companions. Captain Jack, Rory, Craig, where's the next one? Where's the next person I can't wait to root for? Who's going to save their child next while being imprisoned in an iron suit? Who's going to become the friend that The Doctor finds randomly throughout his travels, for thousands of years? Who will be the next one to tell him something like YANA? And then. Who is going to be the next companion to jump off a roof with his wife to save both their lives? I want to see, I want to know. A female Doctor lines everything up for a great new male companion.

Fourth, a simple wonderful example of the number one reason we are ALL curious as to what a female Doctor would be like, River Song. 

You cannot be more badass than River Song. Her story arc was so incredible that someone made an infographic about it just to try and put it in a way everyone could follow. Everything from "Let's Kill Hitler" to The Library. I want to see more strong female time lords. 

Yes, I'm aware that this probably won't happen for the 12th Doctor. That being said, it absolutely should happen in the coming years. Everything is changing in this world. If Doctor Who stayed the same, it would not be as appealing as it is today. The show has evolved over the last 50 years and shows all of us just how far the human mind can go. The writing, the acting, the sets, the effects, it's all evolved into what we have now. The time to strike has come. It's time for The Doctor to regenerate into a woman. 

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wow! It's been way too long! Back with Whothoughts

**possible spoilers if you aren't caught up with the current season of Doctor Who**
***possible spoilers***POSSIBLE SPOILERS***possible spoilers**POSSIBLE SPOILERS
******possible SPOILERS but none about the name of The Doctor***************

Time for Whothoughts. 

I'm going to use this post to ramble on a bit about why I think the current season of Doctor Who is still awesome and that the show hasn't lost it's touch, it's only getting better. So, that being said, if you don't like the current season of Doctor Who, you probably should stop reading this blog right now. 

Let's begin. 

It's been way too long since I have updated this blog. If you follow this blog, you will note that my last post was all about people watching Doctor Who and complaining that it wasn't quite right, that they simply couldn't enjoy it, that they felt it was weak, badly written, and they still miss David Tennant. 
Well, all of that is still true. That's right, there are still people watching the show, seemingly having a pre-conceived idea about what they "should" see, never finding it, and saying that the show has gone way downhill. 

I still believe all of that to be ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. (Well, except for the part about missing David Tennant, that I can understand.) And here's why.

5 words: The Centre Of The Tardis

Did you SEE this episode?
Not only is The Doctor openly sporting a sweet vest and pocketwatch with chain, but we get to run through the TARDIS with The Doctor and Clara! Started with the mysteries, then the TARDIS defending itself, then the craziest part of all, when it created the endless hallway after part of it was taken. That was awesome. The creatures that were chasing them, the time twist at the end, loved it all. Man, I really hope I'm not spoiling this for you if you haven't seen it. If you haven't seen this episode of Doctor Who, stop reading now.

They showed how the TARDIS gets it's power. That was incredible!! There is a perpetually dying star in the heart of the TARDIS and that generates the power! They showed it, remarkable effects, incredible production values on the new Who.  It was really, I think, a crowning moment for the entire series and I would like to thank the creators for making that happen. I love the TARDIS, it's the most incredible machine ever created, ever. It doesn't say goodbye, it says hello. 

I'm not going to go through the other new episodes. Just saying, catch all the way up if you're not already. Lots of people are talking smack about it, but I'm really really liking it. At times I even love it. The Doctor/Companion chemistry has also absolutely clicked. The show is truly acted with such conviction that it pulls you in. I forget who said that, but someone did on one of the Who specials on BBC. I only get BBC America though, really wish we got more BBC channels. Does anyone know how many there are? 4? 5?

Next Saturday is the name of The Doctor. Really excited for that. I was going to go online and find it, since I'm sure the leak has spread that much by now. I was not going to spoil it, I was just anxious. I have since decided not to look for it. Well, really my fiancĂ© wanted to wait, so I'm waiting. We have DVR anyway and she's right. There's no need to rush it. I'm lucky to be marrying my best friend who is also a Whovian, I can wait. 

Plus, if the leak stays contained or even disappears, we will get a special preview of the 50th episode soon. David Tennant will reportedly be featured in that special preview.

And we ALL want to see that.  

Monday, April 8, 2013

Words against the hipster-ifying of a show that changed all of our lives. Doctor Who.

Alright, enough, everyone stop blasting the new Doctor Who episodes.

We are embarking on the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. This should be a time where Whovians come together to celebrate. We are even getting back the 10th Doctor, probably from Bad Wolf Bay. You remember when The Doctor left his human self with Rose on that beach? That's where I hope they go with that. Think about it. I also know you understand by now that every season weaves a crazy story together and we are just starting this new story. When the 11th Doctor dealt with Prisoner Zero, we had no idea what "The Silence" was. Turns out, they were one of the most fantastic enemies The Doctor (and the whole world) would ever face. These past couple weeks we have seen the start of something new yet again. The new episodes have been fantastic. Moffat didn't let us down with the Ponds, not ever. The list of writers this season not only includes him, but it's a dream team overall. I love what they have done so far and I can't wait for more. Here's why...

First of all, new aliens. The new species we met in the Bells of St. John is INCREDIBLY similar to the Wire villain that The Doctor and Rose battled back in The Idiot's Lantern. When the Spoonheads began to "download" people into the wifi, I immediately though "Hungryyyyyy!!!". Right off the bat, the new Doctor Who episodes are mirroring classic episodes we know and love. I think this is actually going to lead to a pattern of episodes where we meet new and crazy villains that mirror classic ones from incredible episodes. Now, on to that pattern I was expecting....

We all watched The Rings Of Akhaden. Now there are a bunch of angry Whovians complaining about it. Some say it was a weak episode. No, it wasn't. Actually, it mirrored another Doctor Who episode we know and love, the The Satan Pit. If you doubt this, simply consider the entire scene where Matt Smith is talking to the "god" behind the glass. This speech mirrors Tennant's speech to Satan in the pit. "Rings" also gave us over a dozen incredible new aliens to behold, just like when the 9th Doctor took Rose to watch the world burn on her first real adventure. Yet another classic episode directly mirrored by this brand new one. I have high hopes that other new episodes to come will continue to give us glimpses at classics we know and love. Perhaps we will even go back and rewatch those episodes. Certain Whovians should certainly go back and rewatch those episodes.

I know so many Whovians still long for the 10th Doctor. We all miss him.
Since Tennant is coming back for the 50th anniversary, we should be happy, we should be ECSTATIC! So, get on board with that. He is not coming back permanently, but that's more than alright. The show has already gone to some simply incredible places since the 10th left us. Matt Smith took on prisoner zero right after we first met him. He even got to meet the TARDIS face to face in The Doctor's Wife. Oh, and if you aren't on board with Matt Smith after the flesh episodes, well, I think you need to re-think how you watch the show overall.

There are several different kinds of Doctor Who episodes, 11 of which I outlined in a pervious blog. However, there are certainly more than 11, all distinctive types, and only more, different, and incredible spins on those episodes are coming at us every week with this new season. We have even seen the introduction of mini-episodes between full episodes, i.e. The Pond Life. Doctor Who has never let us down and has changed all of our lives. I say we roll with the punches and decide to stop intentionally finding faults. Instead, let's enjoy the show we love so much.

Friday, March 29, 2013

5 Things I Want To See Happen During The Next Season Of Doctor Who

With the new Doctor Who episodes due to start tomorrow evening (or sooner depending on where you live in the world) , I decided to weigh in with a random post that's more of a list of 5 things I hope to see and feel throughout the new episodes.....

1.First thing's first, I want to see a new gang. Remember Dinosaurs on a Spaceship? "I've got a gang. Never had a gang before, it's new!" Exactly, it IS new. That gang got the Doctor, and everyone in the gang, out of a very VERY sticky situation. Every member of the gang had a strength and they worked wonderfully well together. Plus, a gang always brings the opportunity to meet new people in the Whoniverse. Let's face it, we ALL want to meet more people in the Whoniverse.

2.Quick, confusing talking mixed with random pointing and activations of the sonic screwdriver. This always means something is going on that is so crazy that even the Doctor does not yet understand exactly what is going on. Usually these episodes lead to some of the darkest and most incredible journeys the Doctor has. As the story slowly unfolds, I feel that the viewer finds out what's really going on with the exact pace of the Doctor, instead of the Doctor always being many steps ahead.

3.Let's just mention it now, I want to tear up a bit. Remember the Widow and the Wardrobe? Tell me you didn't tear up at the very end and I'll say you're full of it. What about when the 9th doctor saves all the children with gas masks molded to their faces? Tell me Doctor Who has never made you cry even just a little bit and I call bs. The show is brilliant and dynamic, when they hit the nail on the emotional head, it strikes a vibrant chord. It strikes a beautiful, vibrant chord. Good stuff.

4. I want the TARDIS to totally lose power. Is it wrong to wish such a thing on the Doctor? I say yes, because those times lead us to some mesmerizing plot lines. Case in point, when Mickey and Rose had to rip open the heart of the TARDIS so that Rose could look inside and become BAD WOLF. She destroyed the DALEKS with that power, dissolved them into nothing. We never would have seen that if the TARDIS didn't lose power. When the TARDIS goes silent, you know you're in for a ride.

5. I want the Doctor to lose it on someone. Remember last year when he pulled a gun on the alien doctor? The Doctor never uses a gun. This aspect not only makes him wonderfully British, but it expands the scope of the show in an unbelievably broad way. If you're constantly dealing with bad guys and you're the good guy, and you can get a gun, and this is a fictional scenario, why wouldn't you just use the gun? The Doctor doesn't work that way, but he forgot, he forgot that day in the western town. He forgot back during The Waters Of Mars too. When the Doctor forgets, he slips, almost like he's a bit more human than he ever lets on.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The 11 Different Types Of Doctor Who Episodes

Most television shows have one speed and one main reaction they are trying to get from their audience. Occasionally they have an extra gear or two, though usually it's not as powerful and seems like more of a backup than anything. Sitcoms are funny, dramas are dramatic, horror is scary, and so on.

When a show can successfully produce excellent episodes to achieve all reactions in the spectrum, well, then you're got an amazing show. We find the perfect example of that in Doctor Who. Beyond that, we can even divide the Doctor Who episodes clearly by which part of the spectrum they adhere to. Even beyond that, we can nerd it up and divide it specifically even more, that's what I did when I made this list.

These are the 11 different types of Doctor Who episodes

1: The fun episodes where they're kind of in danger but you're not really that concerned because The Doctor isn't concerned and hey, if he's not, why should you be.

2: The ones that makes you cry at the end

3:The "We really can't change the past this time. Well, maybe we can but we shouldn't. Well, it really depends on how I feel" episodes

4:The "Oh my God, _____ is still alive" episodes

5:The Super Intense Episodes that remind you the show is British

6:The Historical Episodes with a twist

7:The ones where they meet aliens they've never met before and somehow that leads to an entire world being saved or destroyed

8:The ones where the Daleks come back

9:The ones where The Doctor has to build something out of spare parts to save the day

10:The ones that concentrate on the TARDIS specifically

11:The best ones, where the Doctor saves the day and everybody lives.

Thursday, February 28, 2013

Why I love the TARDIS

To understand why I love the TARDIS, I need to address it's core concept, time and space travel combined.

Although time travel is inherently fictional, it has been a heavily written about subject. I think the first time I saw time travel was in Back to the Future. Although I must say The Terminator and T2 are all time favorite time travel movies of mine as well. The idea that you could travel in time and nudge your own life into shape, almost sculpt it, is fascinating to me.

Now, when you take the concept of time travel and you add the dimension of space, I think that officially brings the entire idea into an exceptionally fantastic place. Time travel and space travel put together, truly stretching the limits of the human mind. You can now travel anywhere, absolutely anywhere. Although your personal time line travels one way, you may create that path any way you like.

Doctor Who is acted with such conviction that it is truly moving and when you add the fact that absolutely anything is possible, well, the entire thing is amazing. It's an amazing concept.

The TARDIS is the vessel that carries that entire concept. The TARDIS is amazing, right?? It is alive, it knows the Doctor, it knows the time lords, it knows Gallifrey, it has a heart, it's blue, and it can do anything and go anywhere. Plus it has that shield that can hold off Dalek blasters, which has definitely come in handy. I also love whenever he lands it and the door faces a wall so he has to move it. I love that it took human form and interacted with the Doctor. Think about that meeting, then think about the wonderful Beatles undertone. When the Doctor things she wanted to say "Goodbye", but she really wanted to say "Hello." "You say goodbye and I say hello. Hello, Hello! I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello!" I really feel like that little part is a Beatles tribute. They've worked in fantastic obvious music references in other episodes. Like the Flesh episodes where they constantly say "Us and Them", such a Pink Floyd reference.

The TARDIS rewards the Doctor and guides him on his entire journey to help and save worlds in danger. It is absolutely as important as the Doctor himself.

So, yeah, that's why I love the TARDIS :-)