Monday, April 8, 2013

Words against the hipster-ifying of a show that changed all of our lives. Doctor Who.

Alright, enough, everyone stop blasting the new Doctor Who episodes.

We are embarking on the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. This should be a time where Whovians come together to celebrate. We are even getting back the 10th Doctor, probably from Bad Wolf Bay. You remember when The Doctor left his human self with Rose on that beach? That's where I hope they go with that. Think about it. I also know you understand by now that every season weaves a crazy story together and we are just starting this new story. When the 11th Doctor dealt with Prisoner Zero, we had no idea what "The Silence" was. Turns out, they were one of the most fantastic enemies The Doctor (and the whole world) would ever face. These past couple weeks we have seen the start of something new yet again. The new episodes have been fantastic. Moffat didn't let us down with the Ponds, not ever. The list of writers this season not only includes him, but it's a dream team overall. I love what they have done so far and I can't wait for more. Here's why...

First of all, new aliens. The new species we met in the Bells of St. John is INCREDIBLY similar to the Wire villain that The Doctor and Rose battled back in The Idiot's Lantern. When the Spoonheads began to "download" people into the wifi, I immediately though "Hungryyyyyy!!!". Right off the bat, the new Doctor Who episodes are mirroring classic episodes we know and love. I think this is actually going to lead to a pattern of episodes where we meet new and crazy villains that mirror classic ones from incredible episodes. Now, on to that pattern I was expecting....

We all watched The Rings Of Akhaden. Now there are a bunch of angry Whovians complaining about it. Some say it was a weak episode. No, it wasn't. Actually, it mirrored another Doctor Who episode we know and love, the The Satan Pit. If you doubt this, simply consider the entire scene where Matt Smith is talking to the "god" behind the glass. This speech mirrors Tennant's speech to Satan in the pit. "Rings" also gave us over a dozen incredible new aliens to behold, just like when the 9th Doctor took Rose to watch the world burn on her first real adventure. Yet another classic episode directly mirrored by this brand new one. I have high hopes that other new episodes to come will continue to give us glimpses at classics we know and love. Perhaps we will even go back and rewatch those episodes. Certain Whovians should certainly go back and rewatch those episodes.

I know so many Whovians still long for the 10th Doctor. We all miss him.
Since Tennant is coming back for the 50th anniversary, we should be happy, we should be ECSTATIC! So, get on board with that. He is not coming back permanently, but that's more than alright. The show has already gone to some simply incredible places since the 10th left us. Matt Smith took on prisoner zero right after we first met him. He even got to meet the TARDIS face to face in The Doctor's Wife. Oh, and if you aren't on board with Matt Smith after the flesh episodes, well, I think you need to re-think how you watch the show overall.

There are several different kinds of Doctor Who episodes, 11 of which I outlined in a pervious blog. However, there are certainly more than 11, all distinctive types, and only more, different, and incredible spins on those episodes are coming at us every week with this new season. We have even seen the introduction of mini-episodes between full episodes, i.e. The Pond Life. Doctor Who has never let us down and has changed all of our lives. I say we roll with the punches and decide to stop intentionally finding faults. Instead, let's enjoy the show we love so much.

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