Friday, March 29, 2013

5 Things I Want To See Happen During The Next Season Of Doctor Who

With the new Doctor Who episodes due to start tomorrow evening (or sooner depending on where you live in the world) , I decided to weigh in with a random post that's more of a list of 5 things I hope to see and feel throughout the new episodes.....

1.First thing's first, I want to see a new gang. Remember Dinosaurs on a Spaceship? "I've got a gang. Never had a gang before, it's new!" Exactly, it IS new. That gang got the Doctor, and everyone in the gang, out of a very VERY sticky situation. Every member of the gang had a strength and they worked wonderfully well together. Plus, a gang always brings the opportunity to meet new people in the Whoniverse. Let's face it, we ALL want to meet more people in the Whoniverse.

2.Quick, confusing talking mixed with random pointing and activations of the sonic screwdriver. This always means something is going on that is so crazy that even the Doctor does not yet understand exactly what is going on. Usually these episodes lead to some of the darkest and most incredible journeys the Doctor has. As the story slowly unfolds, I feel that the viewer finds out what's really going on with the exact pace of the Doctor, instead of the Doctor always being many steps ahead.

3.Let's just mention it now, I want to tear up a bit. Remember the Widow and the Wardrobe? Tell me you didn't tear up at the very end and I'll say you're full of it. What about when the 9th doctor saves all the children with gas masks molded to their faces? Tell me Doctor Who has never made you cry even just a little bit and I call bs. The show is brilliant and dynamic, when they hit the nail on the emotional head, it strikes a vibrant chord. It strikes a beautiful, vibrant chord. Good stuff.

4. I want the TARDIS to totally lose power. Is it wrong to wish such a thing on the Doctor? I say yes, because those times lead us to some mesmerizing plot lines. Case in point, when Mickey and Rose had to rip open the heart of the TARDIS so that Rose could look inside and become BAD WOLF. She destroyed the DALEKS with that power, dissolved them into nothing. We never would have seen that if the TARDIS didn't lose power. When the TARDIS goes silent, you know you're in for a ride.

5. I want the Doctor to lose it on someone. Remember last year when he pulled a gun on the alien doctor? The Doctor never uses a gun. This aspect not only makes him wonderfully British, but it expands the scope of the show in an unbelievably broad way. If you're constantly dealing with bad guys and you're the good guy, and you can get a gun, and this is a fictional scenario, why wouldn't you just use the gun? The Doctor doesn't work that way, but he forgot, he forgot that day in the western town. He forgot back during The Waters Of Mars too. When the Doctor forgets, he slips, almost like he's a bit more human than he ever lets on.

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