Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The 11 Different Types Of Doctor Who Episodes

Most television shows have one speed and one main reaction they are trying to get from their audience. Occasionally they have an extra gear or two, though usually it's not as powerful and seems like more of a backup than anything. Sitcoms are funny, dramas are dramatic, horror is scary, and so on.

When a show can successfully produce excellent episodes to achieve all reactions in the spectrum, well, then you're got an amazing show. We find the perfect example of that in Doctor Who. Beyond that, we can even divide the Doctor Who episodes clearly by which part of the spectrum they adhere to. Even beyond that, we can nerd it up and divide it specifically even more, that's what I did when I made this list.

These are the 11 different types of Doctor Who episodes

1: The fun episodes where they're kind of in danger but you're not really that concerned because The Doctor isn't concerned and hey, if he's not, why should you be.

2: The ones that makes you cry at the end

3:The "We really can't change the past this time. Well, maybe we can but we shouldn't. Well, it really depends on how I feel" episodes

4:The "Oh my God, _____ is still alive" episodes

5:The Super Intense Episodes that remind you the show is British

6:The Historical Episodes with a twist

7:The ones where they meet aliens they've never met before and somehow that leads to an entire world being saved or destroyed

8:The ones where the Daleks come back

9:The ones where The Doctor has to build something out of spare parts to save the day

10:The ones that concentrate on the TARDIS specifically

11:The best ones, where the Doctor saves the day and everybody lives.

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