Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wow! It's been way too long! Back with Whothoughts

**possible spoilers if you aren't caught up with the current season of Doctor Who**
***possible spoilers***POSSIBLE SPOILERS***possible spoilers**POSSIBLE SPOILERS
******possible SPOILERS but none about the name of The Doctor***************

Time for Whothoughts. 

I'm going to use this post to ramble on a bit about why I think the current season of Doctor Who is still awesome and that the show hasn't lost it's touch, it's only getting better. So, that being said, if you don't like the current season of Doctor Who, you probably should stop reading this blog right now. 

Let's begin. 

It's been way too long since I have updated this blog. If you follow this blog, you will note that my last post was all about people watching Doctor Who and complaining that it wasn't quite right, that they simply couldn't enjoy it, that they felt it was weak, badly written, and they still miss David Tennant. 
Well, all of that is still true. That's right, there are still people watching the show, seemingly having a pre-conceived idea about what they "should" see, never finding it, and saying that the show has gone way downhill. 

I still believe all of that to be ridiculous. Utterly ridiculous. (Well, except for the part about missing David Tennant, that I can understand.) And here's why.

5 words: The Centre Of The Tardis

Did you SEE this episode?
Not only is The Doctor openly sporting a sweet vest and pocketwatch with chain, but we get to run through the TARDIS with The Doctor and Clara! Started with the mysteries, then the TARDIS defending itself, then the craziest part of all, when it created the endless hallway after part of it was taken. That was awesome. The creatures that were chasing them, the time twist at the end, loved it all. Man, I really hope I'm not spoiling this for you if you haven't seen it. If you haven't seen this episode of Doctor Who, stop reading now.

They showed how the TARDIS gets it's power. That was incredible!! There is a perpetually dying star in the heart of the TARDIS and that generates the power! They showed it, remarkable effects, incredible production values on the new Who.  It was really, I think, a crowning moment for the entire series and I would like to thank the creators for making that happen. I love the TARDIS, it's the most incredible machine ever created, ever. It doesn't say goodbye, it says hello. 

I'm not going to go through the other new episodes. Just saying, catch all the way up if you're not already. Lots of people are talking smack about it, but I'm really really liking it. At times I even love it. The Doctor/Companion chemistry has also absolutely clicked. The show is truly acted with such conviction that it pulls you in. I forget who said that, but someone did on one of the Who specials on BBC. I only get BBC America though, really wish we got more BBC channels. Does anyone know how many there are? 4? 5?

Next Saturday is the name of The Doctor. Really excited for that. I was going to go online and find it, since I'm sure the leak has spread that much by now. I was not going to spoil it, I was just anxious. I have since decided not to look for it. Well, really my fiancĂ© wanted to wait, so I'm waiting. We have DVR anyway and she's right. There's no need to rush it. I'm lucky to be marrying my best friend who is also a Whovian, I can wait. 

Plus, if the leak stays contained or even disappears, we will get a special preview of the 50th episode soon. David Tennant will reportedly be featured in that special preview.

And we ALL want to see that.  

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