Sunday, February 24, 2013

The designer of the Daleks has passed away.

Ray Cusick, the designer of the Dalek, has passed away.

This is such sad news. The Daleks are my favorite villain throughout the series. I love it when the 10th Doctor gets right in their face and talks about how sad it must be that they never feel anything ever. Trapped in a cage from birth until death, perhaps that torture presses the Daleks to hate as much as they do. Their design is amazing because its basically a tank that can rotate in any direction at any time. The Dalek eye can rotate 360 degrees, which makes for some incredible conversational moments in the show. The design of the Dalek truly leant itself to functionality throughout the series.

The Daleks, trapped in a permanent moving cage for a mutated being, are so wonderfully iconic and I cannot imagine Doctor Who without them.

The Who villains have gotten crazy and more inventive over the years, but the Daleks will always be the number one alien that is both the mortal enemy of the Doctor and beloved by Whovians.

Thank you Mr. Cusick, Rest In Peace, your gift to the world expanded our imaginations.

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