Saturday, February 16, 2013

Doctor Who For Life Blog

I started watching Doctor Who about 2 years ago when my fiancé introduced me to the show by having me watch the episode "Blink". Yes, the perfect episode to start with to determine if you are about to become a Whovian (huge fan of Doctor Who). I became a Whovian after that and spent the next few months watching every Netflix'd episode of Doctor Who that I could. Catching up was so much fun, we would have Doctor Who days, just watch 5 or 6 episodes in a row. My favorite villain is a tie between the Daleks and the Silence. I'm probably still more of a Dalek fan. I definitely cheered at the end of an episode during the "next time on..." scenes when they showed the Daleks. They're so legendary to the series and their update was fantastic coming into the 2005 reboot of the series. 


The real question is, why do I love Doctor Who? 

Aside from the fact that it's acted with such conviction that you can't help but let it absorb you...

I love Doctor Who because it inspires me everyday by reminding me that anything is possible. The concept of the show is fantastic in and of itself. You have an aging alien that bears the direct likeness of a human that travels through time and space showing his companions remarkable things and places that they would never see without his help. Not only that, this alien is compassionate and routinely saves entire worlds from falling into the deep darkness of space. The journeys of the Doctor, in the TARDIS, through the time vortex truly represent the journey through life that we all experience.

The time vortex is life, but life only goes one way. Perhaps that's why the Doctor is so old and yet still so young, his life goes in many more directions than ours. Hence, he is always traveling through the deep darkness that can consume anything, perhaps it even represents death and that's why he is always moving. His age reflects his constant journey away from death by crossing it's path all the time? Just a thought, I'm sure I'll blog about that later. 

That little paragraph right there is the perfect reflection of why I love the show. It inspires me to think, to live, to wonder. The sheer concept of the show is so wonderfully insane that it reminds me anything is possible, anything can be thought of, and life can take you to fantastic places that you never thought you would go. 

Expect this blog to be an incredibly enthusiastic jaunt into speculations about upcoming episodes, reflections on my favorite episodes, and lots of fan gushing about the series. 

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